Birth Alarm Lite 2.0


Connected and affordable!!

  • Simple installation and operation
  • Economical
  • Has a sleeping position


SKU: 084555


Birth Alarm Lite 2.0: the birth alert for horses!

The affordable entry model that provides connectivity and reliability. Easy to install and to fix to the anti-roll girth or the halter of the horse.

The birth of a foal is a special moment, and the owner of a pregnant mare wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. The birth often takes place at night and can be very quick. So you want to be alerted at the right time!

During labour, a mare will lie completely on her flanks. That is a typical position for the birthing process. In this sideways position she is better able to deal with the contraction. The transmitter registers the time at which the horse takes up the typical birthing position and then gives an alarm signal after 7.6 seconds. This is precisely the moment Birth Alarm plays an important supporting role. With a Birth Alarm system, you are alerted on time for when the horse starts the birth. In the end, that is the time the horse needs your presence most.

Birth Alarm Lite 2.0 is known for affordable reliability and enables you to witness the foal’s birth at all times. The birth-alert system consists of two elements: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is easy to install and sends a signal to one or two connected telephones. The transmitter can be attached to the halter or the girth of the mare. Around 15% of pregnant mares sleep fully on their flanks and are an exception to the rule. For those mares, Birth Alarm Lite 2.0 has a special function that detects and records the start of the birth.


Benefits of a Birth Alarm Lite 2.0:

✓ Easy installation and operation
✓ Reliable system
✓ Competitive price
✓ Alerts to 2 different telephones
✓ Can be attached to a halter or an anti-roll girth
✓ Complete set incl. batteries
✓ Includes sleeping position

The guide to all Birth Alarm devices can be found on the page of Birth Alarm guides.

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