Birth Alarm Premium


Committed and versatile!

  • Mobile receiver
  • Has a sleeping position
  • Up to 4 connected mobile phones


SKU: 084548


Birth Alarm Premium: The birth-alert system for horses

This is the system for ultimate control and comprehensive options. The transmitter can be attached to the anti-roll girth or the halter.

During the birth of a foal, it is important for the owner of the mare to be present. However, it remains difficult to guess when the mare will start the birth. The owner of a pregnant mare should be alerted at the right time.

When the contractions start, a mare will lie on her flanks, which is a typical position for the birthing process. In this sideways position it is easier to deal with the contractions. Birth Alarm responds to this and sounds the alarm automatically when a mare spends a full 7.6 seconds on her flanks.

The Birth Alarm Premium is the all-round birth alert of Birth Alarm. This foal-birth alert consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter can be attached in various places. Several mobile phones can operate as a receiver. It means you can stay mobile and check the status of the horse at all times. Besides alerts, the system can also send status messages via SMS.

Around 15% of pregnant mares sleep fully on their flanks and are an exception to the rule. For those mares, the Birth Alarm Premium has a special function – the sleeping position.


The benefits of a Birth Alarm Premium:

✓ Alarm can be received nearby and remotely
✓ Attach to an anti-roll girth around the withers or to the halter
✓ Provides status report via SMS
✓ Up to 4 telephone number can be set
✓ Has a sleeping position
✓ Incl. batteries

The guide to all Birth Alarm devices can be found on the page of Birth Alarm guides.

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