"Be there at the right moment"

It’s an exciting period when your mare is pregnant! You don’t want to miss the birth! Be reassured and prepared on time. Birth Alarm warns you on time, so you can be there at the right time.


In these exciting times, your mare needs rest and a familiar environment. You will do everything you can to ensure the birth of the foal progresses as smoothly as possible. You will also want to be there when your mare starts the birth. Should there be any complications, the first minutes are crucial to the health of the mare and the foal. However, it is still difficult to predict exactly when the birth will be. A mare may postpone a birth or start it at an unpredictable time. A birth is often started during a longer rest period, at night in other words. Finally, it is important to stress that a mare who has been pregnant before, should still be monitored. A birth with complications is always a possibility.

Birth Alarm is the ideal solution for being able to attend the birth under all circumstances. The birth of a foal will always be something incredibly special. A wonderful example of how technology has been making the life of humans and animals safer and more comfortable since 1992.


How does the Birth Alarm work?

Studies have demonstrated that a mare will lie down on her flanks for shorter or longer periods of time during contractions. In this fully lateral position she can deal with the contractions and optimise the expulsive force. Birth Alarm is based on this physiological phenomenon. The system consists  of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is attached to an anti-roll girth that is placed around
the mare’s withers. Under the halter is another possibility that does not bother the mare.

The transmitter registers the time at which the horse takes up the typical birthing position and then gives an alarm signal after 7.6 seconds. At that point it is virtually certain that it is a contraction. Studies have demonstrated that contractions last a minimum of 7 seconds.


“The birth of a foal is a wonderful time you want to witness as a horse breeder. However, births are not always without complications. So it is great to be with the mare on time and to help when needed”


How does Birth Alarm stand out?

Birth Alarm is a birth alert that puts the wellbeing of your horse first! It means that your horse will not be bothered by the products in our range. The smart Birth Alarm transmitters detect the moment a mare starts the birth of a foal through the position of the mare. We are convinced that this method provides the best solution for your mare. Every year we continue to develop our products to offer the best for your mare.

Birth Alarm monitoring together with your presence during the birth of the foal provides excellent support for the horse.

Birth Alarm Foaling Alarm

Birth Alarm is a foaling alert system for horses and ponies. The birth alarm provides an alert on time of the imminent birth of the foal, but it can also be used to monitor the horse’s health. This system is unique and easy to use, while it is also very horse friendly.

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