Exciting times lie ahead

Do you have a pregnant mare? Exciting times lie ahead! However, you can go to bed without worries, because Birth Alarm will warn you when the time has come!
For many centuries there has been a close bond between humans and horses – a bond that is economic and emotional. Anyone who breeds horses is familiar with those sentiments. When you have one or more pregnant mares in particular, exciting times lie ahead. Your horse needs a familiar environment and rest, while you want to be there when the foal is born; you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong. However, it is difficult to predict the exact time of the birth; a mare can postpone the birth when she does not feel comfortable. The Birth Alarm then offers the ideal solution. A wonderful example of how technology can make the life of humans and animals safer and more comfortable.

How does the Birth Alarm for horses work?

During labour, a mare will lie completely on her flanks. That is a typical position for the birthing process. In this sideways position, she is better able to deal with the contractions. Birth Alarm responds to this. The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is attached to an anti-roll girth that is placed around the mare’s withers, without bothering the horse in any way. You put the receiver in a place of your choice. The transmitter registers the time at which the horse takes up the typical birthing position and then gives an alarm signal after 7.6 seconds. At that point it is virtually certain that it is a contraction. Birth Alarm has been extremely successful in the market since 1990. Many different versions have since been developed: the Classic, the Mobile, the Mobile Premium and the Mobile Multiple.

Birth Alarm

Birth Alarm is a foaling alarm system. This system is unique and super easy to use, while it is also very horse friendly. It warns in advance of the imminent birth of a foal.

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